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Our companies policy and ethics written out.

Code of Conduct

Our common goal is making a living while having fun with our work and being innovative at the same time. Of course, we follow current laws and use common sense. In addition, this code of conduct should offer a guidance.

Mindfulness & Sustainability

Respectful cooperation is a necessary prerequisite for successful teamwork. We are clearly opposed to any form of discrimination and respect equal rights and opportunities. Criticism is indispensable for quality-assured work. But it should be directed against the cause and not against the person. We are in favour of a sustainable approach to the environment and try to set a good example on a small scale. Grant the constant learning required by innovation about ten percent of our working time. Everyone is encouraged to use new technologies in new projects. In order to ensure long-term success, financial and time expenditure should always be in balance with the benefits. Healthy and motivated employees are productive employees. Through careful project and personnel planning, we want to ensure a balanced ratio of work and leisure.

Trust & Responsibility

We are aware that the current development of artificial intelligence holds great opportunities, but also risks. We want to avoid AI leading to a deterioration of living conditions. For this reason, we decide on the acceptance of projects on a case-by-case basis. We handle data with great care and responsibility, in particular data from third parties or data relevant to security.

Civil Clause

We exclude a direct cooperation with private or governmental organizations in projects with the purpose of research, production, trade, or use of weapon systems. It is not always possible to prevent indirect participation through third parties. In individual cases, we base our decisions on the best of our knowledge and belief.